YS Sunitha It is known that YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s couson Sunitha Reddy filed a petition at the Supreme Court, asking for the transfer of her father Vivekananda Reddy’s father, Vivekananda Reddy from Andhra Pradesh.

She mentioned that the AP government is trying to influence the witnesses in the case and it should be transferred to another state immediately.

The Supreme Court took up the case and related arguments were underway today. In Sunitha’s argument, it is mentioned that the local YSRCP MP is trying to strong-arm the case and this is the main reason why the case should be transferred from here.

It should be noted that YS Jagan’s cousin, Avinash Reddy is the local MP here.

It was further argued that two of the witnesses in a suspecting manner and this is an indication of the course of action. The court then questioned about the safety of the witnesses.

This case is seriously irking the YCP high command as the TDP activists on social media make a meal of the “Who Killed Babai” episode.