Vasantha_KrishnaPrasadYCP Mylavaram MLA Vasantha Krishna Prasad hadn’t been in good terms with the party for a while now. Not so long ago, there were even reports that Vasantha could even be joining TDP.

Cut to now, Vasantha has made a very interesting comment on Amaravati.

Vasantha was taking part in the Gadapa Gadapaku program today and he was asked a local TDP leader named Juvva Rambabu about how he could remain silent while Jagan is ruining Amaravati prospect.

“Personally, my support is for Amaravati. I want it to be the capital. But I have no other option but to align with the interests of the government” Vasantha said.

The MLA seemed agitated about the capital shift issue. And the fact that this comment comes when Jagan is planning to shift to Vizag in a few days from now, is turning many heads.

Previously, when there were reports that Vasantha could be leaving YCP to join TDP, Jagan reportedly personally called and spoke to him. The MLA then reportedly dropped the party switch plan. But now again, he has expressed his personal interest in continuing Amaravati as the rightful capital of Andhra Pradesh.