YSRCP-Guntur-MLA-Mohammad-Musthafa-ShaikIn a shocking incident, YCP Guntur MLA Mustafa threatened to kidnap a female hospital staff member at the government hospital in Guntur.

Going into the story, the MLA visited the hospital earlier today. He then said to a female staff member “it came to my notice that you are charging money from patients in maternal ward. If this continues, I will kidnap you”.

This led to a tensed atmosphere as the hospital staff prepared to sit on a protest over MLAs shocking comments. The incident then reached the superintendent doctor Prabhavati and she had to take evasive action.

The superintendent called the MLA back to the hospital and asked him to explain himself.

The MLA then said “it wasn’t a subjective comment. I hold nothing against any of you. But I have come to know that hospital staff has been charging Rs 1000-1500 for pregnancy care. This enraged me and that’s why I wanted to give you all a strong warning.”

The staff is displeased with the fact that a local MLA has threatened to kidnap them.