Kodumuru-YSR-Congress-MLA-SudhakarKurnool District Kodumuru YSR Congress MLA Sudhakar expressed his anger over the detention of his relatives by the police.

He went to the police station and fired on the police officers there for arresting them despite knowing that they are his men.

Ramesh and Suresh from YSR Congress were arrested by the police after photos of them roaming around holding knives in Edururu village of Kurnool Mandal circulated on social media.

The pics became viral and caused panic among the locals there.

After learning about the matter, MLA Sudhakar along with 50 people went to Kurnool Taluka Urban Police Station in B Thandrapadu on Wednesday at midnight.

He fired on CI Seshaiah and other staff in the station

The Police who normally get angry when a commoner questions anything were patient this time. The CI explained to the MLA that they were detained for the purpose of maintaining peace and security.