YSRCP-MLA-Simhadri-Ramesh-Babu--Gadapa-GadapakuYSR Congress leadership is insisting on the MLAs reach out to the public in the name of the Gadapa Gadapaku program. But the ruling party MLAs are bombarded by questions about the lack of proper roads etc.

It is the case of Avanigadda MLA Simhadri Ramesh Babu. A woman in the SC colony questioned the MLA about bad roads, water problems, and mosquitoes.

“The Government is not related to CC roads. It is the responsibility of the Panchayat,” the MLA tried to escape.

The woman did not relent and said how will the Panchayat lay roads if the Government takes all the funds meant for Panchayats.

“Are people living in major panchayats not allowed to live? I am pleading with folded hands, please lay roads in our colony,” a woman told the MLA.

Another woman questioned about generating power bills while Jagan promised free power up to 200 Units.

This is not the first time the MLA faced trouble in the Gadapa Gadapaku program. In the 2019 election, Ramesh Babu got elected with a whopping 21K votes majority over Former Deputy Speaker Mandali Buddha Prasad.