YSRCP-MLA-Golla-Babu-Rao-Faces-Protest-From-Own-Party-LeadersYSR Congress MLA Golla Baburao faced trouble from a group belonging to the same party. They blocked the MLA, who was attending several foundation-laying events, and there was a tense situation.

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MLA Golla Baburao attended the foundation stone laying of the Anganwadi center in Gudivada of S.Rayavaram Mandal of Anakapalli district.

YSRCP MPTCs and sarpanches questioned why the protocol was not followed and why they were not given information on government programs. They say before the MLA’s convoy and shouted slogans saying “MLA Go back… MLA down down”.

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Police tried to clear the leaders and there was a scuffle between the police and YSR Congress leaders. Gudivada Sarpanchi Srinubabu was injured in the incident, while ZPTC member Kakara Devi and Vice MP Appalaraju fell unconscious.

As the police dispersed the leaders, the MLA laid the foundation stone for the Anganwadi center as if nothing happened and left the place.

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