Dwarampudi_Chandrasekhara_Reddy_Ram_Gopal_VarmaYCP Kakinada Rural MLA, Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy had been under a whole lot of pressure of late as JanaSena chief Pawan Kalyan had been taking him to the cleaners over the corruption allegations the former is facing. In response, Dwarampudi started to badmouth Pawan and even his family.

Cut to now, Dwarampudi has hosted controversial director Ram Gopal Varma for Sankranthi. Varma visited Dwarampudi’s house and spent some time there.

Varma has built a pro-YCP reputation by making films that cater to Jagan-party interests. He has also made films that sling mud at Pawan and Chandrababu.

Now that Dwarampudi, who has started to use filthy language against Pawan and his family, has met with RGV, it has led to speculations that if the YCP MLA is propelling Varma to make another degrading film on Pawan.

Dwarampudi is already in the firing line from Kapu voters in Kakinada over his abuses on Pawan. And now, if he sets out to do a degrading film on Pawan, it could only come back to haunt him.