YSRCP-Dharmana-Prasada-Rao-Dwacra-WomenYSRCP MLAs are often facing the wrath of the common public while they’re going on Gadapa Gadapaku programs. Now, they’ve started to face the heat even in public meetings. Here’s a story involving MLA Dharmana Krishna Das that proves the same.

In his latest public meeting, Dharmana had to plead the public not to leave his meeting before it gets completed. After seeing women leave his meeting, the MLA said “There’s only 5 more minutes left. Don’t leave now. I’m now asking the auto drivers not to start their vehicles and reject requests from people to take them away from the venue.”

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“There was this one woman at my event recently. She questioned me if Jagan is implementing monetary schemes with his personal funds. What was she thinking? You’re all taking our party government’s money, and you all should show gratitude” Dharmana said.

Videos of Dharmana asking the public not to leave his meeting early are now going viral on social media. TDP troops are commenting that this perfectly sums up the whole of YCP’s situation in Andhra Pradesh now.

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