Balineni Srinivasa ReddyAfter the super success of Chalo Vijayawada, YSR Congress leaders may have understand they have gone too long for no reason. But then, the bridges are already burnt and there is no going back. They are now giving lame reasons supporting their stance on the PRC.

Minister Balineni Srinivas come up with a strange argument. “Power Sector is in neckdeep debts but we still gave four DAs to the employees. We did justice to the employees to the extent it is possible in the given circumstances,” Balineni said.

But then, Power sector employees are fuming at Balineni for these comments what they makes no sense absolutely. “Power Sector is in losses because of Bad Government Policies. Because the Government set low prices for power purchased at high prices. Because of free power to the farmers,” they say.

“The Government do not pay the difference to the Discoms. As a result, the discoms are in debt. What is the role of employees in this?,” they question.