Minister Roja Selvamani Lepakshi TempleMinister Roja is often in the news for using offensive language against her political opponents. But this time around, Roja has not just made it to the news but also anguished devotees with her avoidable act.

Going into the story, reports have emerged, saying Roja locked the holy Lepakshi Temple in Satyasai district of Andhra Pradesh for two hours straight.

Apparently, Roja wanted to spend some alone time in the temple and even wanted to click photos inside. So she asked the police to shut the temple doors and not to allow anyone inside. This went on for two hours straight while the devotees were out; waiting for Roja to complete her photoshoot so that they can have the Darshan.

The anguished devotees then spoke with media and they called out Roja over her sheer misuse of power.

It is reported that the Lepakshi Temple is always open morning through till evening barring only the occasions of eclipses. But now, Roja saw to it that the doors were shut so she could have it all for herself.

This has become a hot topic on social media now and Roja’s sheer power abuse is drawing a lot of criticism.