Viswarup_Pinipe_Cock_FightsOf all the reasons they could’ve come together for, YCP minister and MLAs held an emergency meeting over Kodi Pandalu(Rooster fights).

YCP minister Viswaroop and YCP MLAs from Konaseema region sat down for a meeting today to discuss the ways in which Kodi Pandalu can be held this weekend, marking Sankranthi.

The administrative authorities have been working against the Kodi Pandalu culture. But now, a YCP minister and the party MLAs sat down to discuss how this culture shouldn’t be side stepped.

Reportedly, the meeting concluded that the government will take care of the police personnel if they come to stop the Kodi Pandalu. They’ve decided to hold Pandalu from tomorrow – 13 January morning.

This move has drawn trolls on social media as netizens are mocking the MLAs and minister over their determination to hold Kodi Pandalu while the state is suffering from several other problems.