Gummanur-JayaramThe Income Tax Department has issued notices to Andhra Pradesh Labor Minister Gummanur Jayaram. His wife Penchalapadu Renukamma along with the Aluru sub-registrar also got notices on October 31.

Renukamma has to answer within 90 days as to how she got the money to buy 30 acres of land in her name for Rs 52.42 lakh when she has no source of income.

30.83 acres of land in survey numbers 674/E, 729, 666/2, 668/C, 669/C, and 713/A under Aspari Mandal of Kurnool District was registered in the name of Renukamma on March 2th, 2020.

On the same day, IT officials found that 180 acres were purchased in the name of other family members and relatives of the ministers.

The IT department charged that Renukamma did not show any sources of income, but went on to buy land worth Rs. 52.42 lakhs. The IT officials have given notices under the Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act after finding that Minister Jayaram bought these lands and registered them in the name of his wife and others.

The notices should be answered within 90 days. If they do not respond by then, the department has the authority to seize the property to prevent transferring it to a third party,” the notices said.

A Bengaluru-based company purchased 454.37 acres in the Kurnool district. The lands are in dispute after the company complained in a police station in Bengaluru that someone sold some of that lands using fake documents. The issue is going on for two years.

The minister and his relatives are among those who purchased the lands.