YSRCP May Become Like Congress: YCP MLAIt looks like the reorganization of districts has become a headache for YSR Congress. The government is getting criticism from its own party leaders. The latest is party MLA, Anam Ram Narayan Reddy who warned that the hasty reorganization may bring problems just like how Congress faced issue with bifurcation.

Anam mentioned this at the District Agriculture Advisory Council meeting. He asked the advisory council to send objections to the government on the formation of the district. He warned that the Nellore district division would cause problems in the water supply of Somasila project.

He reminded how the Telangana and Andhra police have clashed near Srisailam and Sagar after the state bifurcation. He asked the Government to settle water distribution before dividing the district. Otherwise, there will be difficulties in purchasing crops, he explained.

Anam criticized adding Kandukur in Nellore despite resistance from the locals and said the process is confusing. He recalled that hatreds would increase if hasty decisions were taken in the matter of districts and that we had seen some incidents in the matter of state bifurcation. Anam Ranarayanareddy suggested holding awareness seminars on districts reorganization.