TDP-Nara-LokeshFor a while now, TDP’s Nara Lokesh has been calling out the YSRC government over their misuse of power, and violent politics. Here’s one such latest incident in this context.

Lokesh has shared a hard-hitting tweet regarding YCP troops attacking a TDP leader named Polnati Seshagiri Rao in Tuni, Andhra Pradesh.

“YCP leaders have started taking their anarchist leader Jagan Reddy’s path. He murdered his uncle, and now YCP leaders have started falling on TDP leaders with their murder politics. They have attacked our party leader Seshagiri Rao in Tuni and I strongly condemn it. They have left hope on their party and have started to pick up knives to attack their opponents” Lokesh tweeted.

“Seshagiri Rao actively fought against the criminal activities of YCP minister Dadisetty Raja and now, the Jagan-party leaders have attacked and brutally injured him. I demand a detailed investigation on this case” Lokesh tweeted.