YSRCP_Leaders_NTR_Birthday_BannersJr NTR often makes headlines for political related events despite his stand to stay away from active politics for now.

Coming to the point, a heated clash brew between Jr NTR’s fans and YCP troops in 14th ward, Tenali, Guntur.

YCP troops obstructed NTR’s fans from erecting flexis and cutouts of Jr NTR on the occasion of his birthday the other day, May 20. Municipal vice chairman, Koteeswara Rao stopped NTR’s from erecting the flexis.

YCP leaders argued that there were no flexis for NTR in the area for the last 3 years and what’s the sudden need to erect them now. NTR’s fans retaliated, saying there are many flexis of local MLA Sivakumar but YCP leaders find fault with NTR’s flexis.

All the verbal confrontations led to a heated clash between both camps. The police had to intervene to pacify the situation.