YSRCP_Goons_GunturYSRCP has a rich vein of abusing their political opponents and deploying such capable people for the job. One such mouthpiece is Borugadda Anil Kumar.

This one Borugadda’s only job is to threaten Chandrababu, Pawan Kalyan, and all those who stand against Jagan. He recently said he will kill CBN and Nara Lokesh. He even made abusive comments on Pawan Kalyan’s daughter.

Incidentally, this YCP goon has faced a repercussion as his office in Guntur was set on fire by unidentified attackers.

It was identified that the office was set on fire by attackers who used petrol to create fire. The culprits are yet to be traced.

This man threatened to tie YCP Nellore MLA Kotamreddy to his car and beat him on the roads. Now, his own office was set on fire.

Social media users are commenting that the man got what he deserved for all the trash talk he did on top politicians like Chandrababu, Lokesh, and others.