YSRCP Leader Approaches Chandrababu For HelpA YSR Congress leader and a former people’s representative sought the help of Chandrababu Naidu and that too in a fight against his own party MLA.

This interesting incident took place in Eluru district, Nekkalam, Gollagudem. On the occasion of Chandrababu’s birthday, Chandrababu attended a rally in Gollagudem village.

Former YSRCP MPTC Rambabu arrived there and appealed to Chandrababu to support him as he was fighting against corruption by the local Ruling Party MLA.

In the name of Jagananna’s housing scheme in Gollagudem, the MLA’s son amassed 75 Lakh Rupees, Rambabu alleged.

In the presence of Chandrababu, he asked the TDP leaders to support him in this matter.

He came to the TDP event and the local TDP leaders tried to stop Rambabu from trying to speak. However, Chandrababu stopped them.

After listening to Rambabu, Chandrababu asked the leaders to support him beyond the parties. Chandrababu praised Rambabu for fighting the corruption of his own party.