Ramoji-Rao-ED-RaidsUnion Home Minister Amit Shah went all the way to Ramoji Film City to meet Media Baron Ramoji Rao in his Telangana tour recently. Amit Shah giving so much of importance to their arch-rival has come as an eye sore for YSRCP supporters.

The pictures of the meeting caused even more heart burn. The sofas and balcony railings are seen in Gold colored. It is not easy to ascertain if that is real gold or gold color.

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But YSR Congress supporters say it is gold and is making all sorts of allegations. They are asking Amit Shah to send ED after Ramoji Rao.

Firstly, no one can say if it is real gold just by looking at the pictures. Even if it is gold, Ramoji Rao can naturally afford it

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If that is through ill-gotten wealth, Ramoji Rao would not take Amit Shah there.

If someone so powerful like Amit Shah goes all the way to RFC, we can imagine how powerful Ramoji Rao is.

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