YSRCP Fans: Power Pothe, Power Pothundhi!YSR Congress social media supporters are in complete disarray all of sudden. There is no gush of energy in any one of them. That’s because of the ongoing power cuts season in Andhra Pradesh.

For the past one week or so, there is a sea of tweets on social media about arbitrary powercuts in Andhra Pradesh. In fact, the powercuts issue is in the state for a couple of months.

But the people did not care much but the temperatures in Andhra Pradesh are crossing 40 degrees due to Summer. There are no timings to the powercuts.

There are reports about power cuts during the midnight and early hours as well. There are posts about this from all sections of the people.

YSR Congress supporters are also sharing posts about their ordeal which reflects the seriousness of the issue. 

Being a power surplus state to 6-8 hours of power cuts at some places is an unimaginable fall by any yardstick. YSR Congress supporters are divided into four types right now.

A section is sharing posts of this torture hoping that someone in the government would hear and address the issue.

Another section has gone mute completely falling short of answers. 

There is a third section that is trying to give excuses to the complainers and are getting bashed left and right.

There is this last and fourth section which is over-optimistic that Jagan does not know what is happening in the state and hopes he will correct as soon as he is aware.

Every YSR Congress supporter, be in whatever group he is in right now, is worried and embarrassed about the situation right now.

Already social media junta lacks minimum material to boast about Jagan’s vision in infra and development. Supporting freebies is a pathetic job. Furthermore, having to defend power cuts in 2023 is torture unlimited.