YSRCP-Gudivada-Amarnath-Visakhapatnam-CapitalSurvey reports suggest that TDP is gaining ground quickly in Uttarandhra region. To counter it somehow, YSR Congress is trying its level best to fan the Three capitals sentiment.

We have seen Chodavaram MLA Karnam Dharmasri starting dummy resignations drama and then, YSR Congress has started a JAC demanding the three capitals and Vishakapatnam as the executive capital.

The JAC is another namesake and is completely filled with YSR Congress leaders. Keeping that aside, there is no such JAC for the other two capitals – Amaravati and Kurnool.

YSR Congress leaders are only talking about Vishakapatnam as the capital hinting that they have no love towards Amaravati or even Kurnool. The people of Amaravati already know that and now Kurnool people are also knowing it.

TDP is alleging that three capitals is only facade to loot the costly lands in and around Vishakapatnam. Since there is no such opportunity in Kurnool, YSR Congress is not so interested about it.