YSRCP do not want Municipal poll results!
The Election commission today had announced the schedule for the upcoming general elections. As usual the demand for the banning of exit polls surfaced again. However EC as every time ordered the News Channels not to let out their prediction from today when the the code of conduct is in place till the polling is complete. EC is of the opinion that these predictions will influence the voting decision of the undecided and neutral voters just before the elections.

On the other side, YSR Congress is demanding that the results of Municipal elections should also be kept under wraps as they are happening just days before the general elections. They argue that just like exit polls, these results can also influence the voters while voting for Assembly and Parliament elections. YSR Congress is strong in the rural areas and weak in Urban areas. So, the party fear the results of these polls can affect their chances. Election Commission will take a decision on this in a couple of days.