Pinipe_ViswarupThe agitation against naming Konaseema district after Ambedkar has become violent the other day. The protestors have torched the houses of Minister Vishwaroop and Mumidivaram YSRCP MLA Satish.

They also torched some buses and pelted stones at the police. This has become a big sensation.

We have seen the ruling party targeting TDP and Janasena over these attacks.

But Minister Vishwaroop says it is the work of one of the YSR Congress Councilors.

Minister Vishwaroop said the arson in Amalapuram is most unfortunate. He stated that a YCP councilor was behind the vandalism. He said that he had all the evidence.

“Rowdysheets have come into the people and created havoc. Everyone is equal before the law. The perpetrators of the attacks were not spared. People need to exercise restraint,” the minister said.

Minister Vishwaroop said some people deliberately diverted the issue.

The arson in Konaseema is a big intelligence failure. Around 3500 protestors came there surprising the police. They remained as mute spectators when the arson happened.