Superstar-Krishna-NTRKrishna joined Congress at the height of NTR’s popularity in Politics. He made a few films against NTR showing the latter in poor light.

It was an open secret that he made those films at the insistence of the Congress party.

NTR was magnanimous to allow the release of such films and did not cause any problems with the release of those films.

Krishna, later on, repented for making such films and also apologized to NTR. Both of them shared a very cordial relationship later on keeping all that aside.

YSR Congress’s social media wings have been using the videos from those films to score points against TDP using Krishna.

This is in extremely bad taste making politics with the dead.

While this is happening, Balakrishna rushed to Hyderabad from Anantapur where he is shooting yesterday, and paid homage to Krishna.

He spoke to Mahesh Babu and his family members consoling them. Mahesh Babu who was in a deep state of sorrow smiled a bit when Balakrishna was there.

Speaking to the media afterward, Balakrishna is in all praise for Krishna’s contribution to Telugu Cinema.

He also mentioned specifically how Krishna used to speak a lot about NTR when they were shooting for Sulthan in Andaman.

Such a good relationship is being spoiled by vicious trolls.