YSRCP-Social-Media-Social media played a crucial role in YSR Congress’s victory in the 2019 elections.

The party aided by I-PAC strategies made the best use of social media while other parties are in slumber.

But post the defeat in 2019, TDP and Janasena have realized that and have concentrated on social media.

While it is the volunteers themselves for TDP, Janasena is tapping their support on social media with digital campaigns.

The social media onslaught of both parties seems to be suffocating the ruling party.

Moreover, both parties are trying to corner the government about bad roads in Andhra Pradesh.

Today Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy released the funds of Vahana Mitra for auto drivers.

YSR Congress party live streamed the event on its Twitter page.

But then fearing the backlash of TDP and Janasena social media, the party disabled comments on the live stream.

It looks like YSR Congress is on slippery ground in the area where it was super strong previously.