YSR Used To Be Democratic, Jagan Is Different: KVPFormer MP KVP Rama Chandra Rao is a close friend of Late YS Rajasekhara Reddy. The former Chief Minister would call KVP his Atma (Soul). KVP refused to take Jagan‘s side after he floated YSR Congress and is in the Congress party even today. In an interview, KVP asked about the concerning finances of AP.

“YS used to have a team of experts around him in 2004-2009. They used to openly discuss with YS and sometimes even with me. The then finance minister Rosaiah used to keep a tab when the finances are crossing a line. YS used to respect Rosaiah’s age and experience very much,” he said.

“As per the information I have from learned friends, Jagan does not give a chance to such discussions. This situation may be a result of this situation. We used to indulge in extensive consultations. Even though he took his decisions, YSR used to be democratic giving scope for discussions,” KVP said.

This is one of the popular allegations on Jagan and it looks like KVP who is close to YS family is also endorsing it.