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YSR Kutumbam Turns Headache for Leaders

YSR Kutumbam Turns Headache for LeadersOpposition Leader, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy recently rechristened the party’s failed ‘Gadapa Gadapaku YSR Congress’ Program as ‘YSR Kutumbham’ and set a target to enroll One Crore families of Andhra Pradesh. Jagan asks people to send their problems after enrolling and will be solving them after he comes to power.

Since the party has taken it as a prestigious issue. The lower rung cadre and leaders are struggling to increase the enrollments. They are making the enrollments through the mobile phones of their relatives and acquaintances without their knowledge.

The party has also lodged web enrollments and the cadre is now asked to create fake email ids to increase the numbers so that the program can be shown as a huge success. YSR Congress is periodically publishing the number of enrollments in media claiming its success.


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