YSR Congress using Money Power in Muncipolls!
As the municipal elections date is drawing closer. all the parties are trying their might to stamp their authority in this election as they are being considered a semifinals for 2014 general elections. As a part of their efforts, YSR Congress in Nellore had created a new trend. It is common for contesting candidates to buy votes with money but YSRCP started buying candidates now.

In the municipality, YSRCP leader Aziz is keen on getting the mayor seat. With Congress almost ousted from the district, the competition is confined only between Telugu Desam Party and YSR Congress now. In a TV channel sting operation, Aziz is caught offering money between 30 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs per each candidate in 17 areas where TDP leaders are strong. After the news is out, TDP President Chandra Babu reportedly called local leaders and urged them against any malpractices. The Municipal elections will take place on March 30th.