YSR-Congress-to-Contest-in-TelanganaYSR Congress has come to Power in Andhra Pradesh with a sensational majority. This came as a huge relief for the party which is confined to Opposition for more than eight years. YSR Congress withdrew from Telangana Elections in 2018 as Jagan has been concentrating on Andhra Pradesh for the last few years.

KCR and Jagan are enjoying excellent bonhomie after the former helped YSR Congress in the recent Andhra Pradesh elections. Jagan is reciprocating to that by being flexible in Bifurcation issues. Now, KCR wants to unleash YSR Congress into Telangana Politics.

Reddy Community is all pumped up in Telangana as well with Jagan coming to Power in Andhra Pradesh. KCR feels this is the right time to polarize the community and distance it from Congress. YSR Congress will come handy in that but then KCR will be in trouble if Jagan turns ambitious about the party’s Telangana Prospects.

As of now, KCR and Jagan seem to be trusting each other very well and they are enjoying the bonhomie between them.