Politics is a willy game. We get to have numerous allegations every day. If they are not handled well, even a blunder told 100 times will become true. So,it is important to condemn a defaming news at the right time. YSR Congress had failed particularly in this aspect and is paying heavy price for it. For example, the news about personal lives of Prabhas and Sharmila is in air for a long time. The rumour spread like a wildfire across the state but YSR Congress filed a Police case only when the damage is done.

Similarly, there is a news during elections that Kadapa rowdies descended in Vishakapatnam and gripped the entire city to campaign and rig for Vijayamma. No one from YSR Congress condemned the news creating doubts in the voters. The condemnation came only after the loss in the elections. By the time, too much is lost. There are numerous other occasions when YSRCP lagged behind due to bad timing.

For example, when the state is desperate about a channel of development after the state bifurcation, Jagan concentrated only on welfare schemes and criticizing Chandra Babu. He released a blue print of the state capital only within days before the elections. By that time, there is no time to take his vision to the public and as a result, the party had to pay heavy price.