YS Jagan-mohan-reddyYSR Congress seem to have sensed the sympathy factor working on Chandrababu Naidu as he is struggling to steady the ship with a non co-operative central government. People see Naidu as very hard working against all odds. YSR Congress Leaders have started a new propaganda to counter this sympathy.

They have started saying that the income of the state is on par with the income of Telangana but the state government is keeping it under wraps to make sure enough funds available for his commissions and corruption. They are alleging that this financial crunch is only to allege non co-operation from center.

The opposition in the process process of trying for political gain, are hurting the prospects of the state with their propaganda about the state’s financial condition. If the opposition says all is well with the state finances, then there is no wonder center will claim the same with various reasons.