YSR Congress Running Out of IdeasYSR Congress is severely battered with the back to back losses in Nandhyal and Kakinada. Even then, Jagan Mohan Reddy is trying to put up a brave face to cover the disappointment of defeat. The other day, he launched YSR Kutumbham Program and also started a helpline for the people.

The concept is that the party machinery will note down all the problems of the people when informed on this helpline. Jagan promised to solve all of them immediately after he comes to power. But then, this is like doing something for the sake of doing something.

The concept would have worked better if Jagan says he will take up the important issues to the notice of the government and ensure that they are solved. This after becoming CM promises will showcase his desperation to come to power and will get the question if people have to suffer until then.

Incidentally, the state government already launched 1100 service. The government is solving the issues of the people when approached. Why does someone have to wait 21 months to get them solved? YSR Congress better do its home work well.