Nimmagadda -Ramesh Kumar - YS JaganAndhra Pradesh State Election Commission had released a Press Release about the paused Local Elections. “We have taken the opinions of all the political parties and have decided to hold the elections in February next year,” the statement said.

The statement also said that the issue is in the court and also there are some constitutional issues pending to be addressed. Ruling Party opposed the elections in the name of the COVID-19 crisis. The fact is that the Government do not want to go for the election with a hostile SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar at the helm.

Even though the election is not happening now, it will be a disappointment still for YSR Congress because Nimmagadda’s tenure is till March next year. That means he will go only after finishing the elections. The elections were postponed during the nominations phase due to the Pandemic scare.

The SEC back then wrote to the Union Home Ministry alleging large-scale arson by the Ruling Party to win maximum wards as unanimous.