raghu rama krishna rajuTelugu film industry biggies are eagerly waiting for the AP CMO to finalize the appointment with the Chief Minister. The last update they have is the Chief Minister is willing to meet them towards the end of the month. The CMO did not confirm the appointment yet as the CM is out to Shimla for a vacation.

Meanwhile, the industry has got support from a YSR Congress MP and they completely do not want it. The MP is none other than YSR Congress Rebel MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju. In a Press conference today, RRR mentioned the Government troubling Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab.

“Government troubled Vakeel Saab because the CM is not happy with that Top star. Just because you are not happy with him, how is it justified to trouble the people? How will theaters run if Government fixes the prices? Theaters are already run in losses,” the MP questioned.

“When someone can afford Liquor for 250 Rupees, why are movie tickets unaffordable at 150 Rupees? The Chief Minister should sit with the industry biggies and sort out their issue,” RRR said.

However, the industry is not happy with this support from the MP. Usually, those in power do not do things that their rivals want. They do not do that even if they wanted to. The industry biggies are worried if RRR’s support can backfire on them.