YSR Congress MPs Fast - A Massive Failure?The Five MPs from YSR Congress have sat for a Fast-unto-death from last Friday. Delhi Police have admitted them in the hospital depending on their health. Youngest of the lot – Midhun Reddy and Avinash Reddy were admitted to the hospital the other day.

YSR Congress is however totally disappointed about how this Deeksha went. They find that the Deeksha could not have any effect on the people whatsoever. While the fast is going on in Delhi, YSR Congress could not maintain the heat in AP, the party leaders themselves opine.

Jagan Mohan Reddy did not do much as well which would have made a lot of difference. He continued with his Padayatra while he sent his mother Vijayamma to Delhi to express the solidarity to the fasting MPs. A section of the party opines that the Deeksha should have been in Andhra Pradesh so that they would get good coverage in the local media.

They also opine that the State Police disrupting the Deeksha would give them a chance to allege the conspiracy by the State Government. But that is a calculated risk given the fact Jagan wants to show himself as fighting against the Center. He just did not go to Delhi since it would irk the Central Government.