YSR CongressThe Winter Session of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly is currently underway. The state has sat for a session braving the COVID-19 situation but after watching the proceedings in the house, it looks like the risk is totally unnecessary. While several crucial issues are plaguing the state, the Ruling Party is confined to making ‘Time Pass’ in the assembly mocking the Opposition Leader, Chandrababu Naidu.

The Leader of the House and Speaker are spearheading this brigade. The way the Speaker fired on the LOP earlier this week has defied sensibilities and took everyone by surprise. They are resorting to demeaning and abusive slurs on the Opposition Leader just like how the trolls in social media do.

The Chief Minister is displaying the videos on a TV in the assembly to take political potshots at the Opposition. The sanctity of the house is being lost. When the Opposition is demanding any discussion on issues, the Ruling Party is bulldozing the house and later suspending the Opposition.

There is no single day so far when the Principal Opposition is not suspended. Like never before in history, even the Leader of Opposition is also suspended from the house. After the suspension, the ruling side speaks whatever they want and finish the proceedings getting the bills passed.