YSR Congress Leaders' Attack on Pawan Kalyan Intentional and Pre-PlannedYSR Congress Leaders spearheaded by Minister Kodali Nani launched a scathing attack on Janasena President Pawan Kalyan. They have used the choicest abuses on Pawan Kalyan naming his Pakeer Saab, Shakeela Saab, etc.

Ignoring the questions of Pawan Kalyan, there is a massive slander on him and his personal life. There is extensive media coverage of those abuses. However, political experts say that this tirade may be intentional and YSR Congress is on with a plan.

Janasena is at the lowest point of morale after the 2019 elections. The pandemic means Pawan Kalyan did not go into the people as well. YSR Congress wants to shift the focus of the people to Janasena and also rejuvenate Janasena Cadre,” a political expert said.

“This will split the opposition vote. That is very important ahead of the Tirupati Loksabha by-election. If BJP comes second, it will be a double whammy as TDP will be demoralized completely ahead of the Local Elections schedule early in 2021. But the big question is if Janasena voters will be motivated to come for voting given that the party is not contesting,” he added.