MLA Giddi Eswari - MLA AnithaYSR Congress is struggling to comment on TDP MLA, Anitha who faced the brunt of some very personal comments by Roja. The party is struggling to support or oppose the act of Roja in this issue. The party is using their female MLA, Giddi Eeshwari to counter Anitha. Since Eeshwari is an ST MLA, the party hopes the ruling party will not attack her.

The other day Giddi Eeshwari made some insensitive comments on the whole issue. She rediculed Anitha saying that Roja only made such comments once, but TDP MLAs are mentioning about that numerous times every day. Eeshwari also found fault with Anitha declaring her SC caste in open and asked Anitha to distance from the issue to save her modesty.

That looks like Eeshwari is trying to defend Roja but is finding fault with Anitha fighting on the issue. On the other side, YSR Congress which boycotted the house proceedings on Monday, attended the house today with black badges as a protest for not allowing Roja in to the house.