Bonda Uma himulates YSRCPYSR Congress which tried to corner the government in the last couple of days by evoking women sentiment in Roja issue, is finally humiliated by the government in the house today. YSR Congress boycotted the proceedings of the house in support of the judiciary. However the ruling party successfully countered the opposition.

Bonda Uma in the house read out all the abusive words used by YSR Congress MLAs in the house. Most of them are very crude that they can not be mentioned in this article. The government also announced that there is video and audio proofs for these abuses. Public who watched this will definitely gets irked by YSRCP MLAs behaviour.

Already public have an averse feeling of Roja’s behaviour in politics, this public shaming of YSR Congress MLAs’ behaviour will only defame the party. In the legislative party meeting at Lotus Pond, it is coming out that MLAs are disappointed about boycotting the session. They felt it would have been better if they went there and stop the government from revealing their abusive behaviour in the house.