Andhra pradesh secretariat employeesA section of employees in Andhra Pradesh Secretariat is waving a red flag against the state government about shifting the administration to the interim secretariat in Velagapudi. That particular section recently complained about it to BJP leader, Purandhareeshwari and is also trying to garner more support to them among employees who are ready to shift.

The section is headed by an employee who contested the Employees Association Elections before 2014 elections, with the support of YSR Congress. That employee and his panel lost the election to Ashok Babu’s panel which is supported by TDP. Interestingly this employee was allotted to Telangana government in recent division but is still pushing AP employees to the edge.

On the other side, the date for Employees shift, June 27th is nearing. The government is confident of completing the secretariat completion on time and ensure the shift happens smooth. The sudden rains in Guntur district are hampering the works at the interim secretariat.