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YSR Congress and BJP in Merger Talks

YSR Congress and BJP in Merger TalksA Popular Telugu Newspaper today carried a report that BJP has made a proposal to YSR Congress for a possible merger of the party. The report said the BJP led Central government offered to help YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in his corruption.

But then, it comes with a rider that Jagan should merge his party in BJP and become its face in Andhra Pradesh. Jagan is also in favour of the proposal but then told them to wait until the elections are finished as joining hands with BJP will lose the votes of Christians and Muslims.

Currently, Christians and Muslims form a crucial vote base of YSR Congress and it is just the opposite case of BJP which is seen as a Hindutva Party by that class of people. Earlier Congress Party also tried to cut such deals with Jagan.

But then Jagan is not keen on the proposal after Congress Party is hit by a historic defeat in 2014 elections and only got plundered further after every election they faced. If this report turns to be true, it will have some interesting changes in the politics of Andhra Pradesh.