KVP about YS JaganKVP Rama Chandra Rao is often referred to as ‘YSR Atma’ when YS Rajasekhar Reddy is the Chief Minister of United AP. He used to be a shadow of all the government affairs back then. But after YSR demise and when Jagan floated YSR Congress, KVP decided to stay with Congress and from then distanced himself from Jagan.

But all of sudden, KVP seem to be tilting towards Jagan. In one of the TV interviews, KVP said, “Jagan is my Menalludu. I will not be there with out him”. He even also gave clean chit to Jagan in all the corruption cases which were filed during his own party regime. He clearly stated that Jagan did not benefit from any decision taken during YSR regime.

There is a rumour about KVP joining YSR Congress for a very long time. Political circles are abuzz that it was Jagan who prompted KVP to put the Private Member Bill so that TDP and BJP will party ways and Chandrababu will be stranted with out the Central support for the next three years. This comments of KVP sounds fishy now.