YSR-NBK107Nandamuri Balakrishna’s #NBK107 First Hunt has released the other day and got a superb response. But then, the teaser has become the center of controversy in AP politics.

YSR Congress supporters are alleging that the movie is a TDP propaganda machine targeting the Late YSR and the YSR Congress party.

In one of the frames in the teaser, Balakrishna is seen sitting while a dozen were hung upside down. In the out focus of this shot, we can see the cutout of a politician.

The politician is seen in traditional panchakattu and is waving his hand.

The pose looks similar to that of Late YSR and the supporters are alleging that the makers are trying to portray YSR as villains.

But then poses like that are quite common in politics.

They are also connecting Pulicherla to Pulivendula and the Bosedk ( a cussword used by TDP Spokesperson Pattabhi on CM Jagan) dialogue in the teaser.

Balakrishna’s films often have some dialogues reflecting the current political situation of those times.

The fact he is the brother-in-law of Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and an MLA himself from the TDP also aids these speculations.