Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar - Election CommissionerIn what can be termed as an unprecedented move, the State Election Commissioner, Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar had issued orders to the state DGP to confine the Minister for Panchayat Raj to his residential premises till the completion of elections to Gram Panchayats.

In plain words, Minister Peddireddy Rama Chandra Reddy was put under house arrest. This is in his response to the threats he issued to the SEC. Nimmagadda also directed the police not to allow media access to the minister to prevent law and order issues.

The Minister warned officials of dire consequences if they respect or listen to the instructions of the SEC. “I ask all the Returning officers to give Unanimous declarations to the winners in Guntur and Chittoor. If you don’t, We shall remember everyone and teach them a lesson after the elections,” the minister warned.

Even after the order by the SEC, Peddireddy came before Sakshi TV and reiterated similar threats. He went on to say Nimmagadda is not the President of India and the Government is unlikely to implement the House Arrest Orders. Nimmagadda’s action may be unprecedented but one can say the Government’s behavior has prompted it, political experts say.