CBI_YS_Bhaskar_ReddyYS Viveka’s murder case is picking up the pace as CBI has started to crank down the same. The alleged main perpetrator MP YS Avinash had to face CBI investigation twice already.

Now, it’s the turn of Avinash’s father, Bhaskar Reddy to face the CBI investigation.

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This is the second time CBI is serving notices to Bhaskar Reddy and the last time they did was on 23rd February. But Bhaskar asked for more time to take part in the investigation.

This time around, the CBI has notified Bhaskar Reddy to attend the investigation on the 12th of March at the Guest House near Kadapa central jail.

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The CBI delivered the notices physically to Bhaskar Reddy in Pulivendula. It has to be seen if he will attend the investigation this time or skip it like he did the first time.

The CBI, in the recently filed charge sheet named Avinash and Bhaskar Reddy as the two main perpetrators in the Viveka murder case.

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