Viveka_Murder_Tealngana_High_Court_Arrest_AvinashIt is known that the YS Viveka murder case is tightening around YS Avinash’s neck. He already attended multiple CBI investigations and is named principal perpetrators in the case.

In this context, Avinash approached the High Court of Telangana recently, appealing the court to order CBI not to arrest him immediately.

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Now, the high court has held a hearing in this case and has passed the judgement on the same. The court ordered the CBI not to arrest Avinash till Monday.

Avinash’s lawyer argued that they are doubting if CBI is registering the statement as per Avinash’s dialogue. The CBI argued that the case is being video recorded and they’ve already given 160 CRPC notices and if need be, they’re ready to take Avinash and his father Bhaskar Reddy into custody.

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The high court asked CBI to give a copy of the case file and the hard disk of the investigation on Monday and ordered the investigation agency not to arrest Avinash till then.

As for the CBI court, where the Viveka murder case is going on, the further investigation has been postponed to 31 March.

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