YS_Vivekananda_Reddy_CBIThe CBI investigation on YS Viveka‘s murder case is reaching the pinnacle point and the screws are tightening against YS Avinash Reddy who attended the CBI investigation very recently.

According to the latest story from Eenadu, CBI has now set eyes on a couple of assistants of YCP’s top brass at the Chief Minister’s Office.

Reportedly, CBI has issued notices to the assistant of a “Powerful person” at the CM office after identifying that there had been several phone calls from his phone to Avinash. The man is identified as Naveen and the sim card registered in his name had several calls to Avinash.

And there is another assistant of a “Most important” YCP leader who is also indeified to have had several interactions with Avinash. These two were ordered to attend the CBI investigation at the CBI office in Hyderabad.

The CBI officials had also made their way to YS Jagan’s OSD office in Pulivendula and enquired about a man named K Hari Prasad. They also tracked the way along the Pulivendula flower market, leading to Viveka’s house. This happened right after Avinash’s investigation.

The CBI has also ordered primary suspect Erra Gangireddy, approver Dastagiri, remand prisoners, Uma Shankar Reddy, Shivashankar Reddy, and Sunil Yadav to attend the CBI investigation on the 10th of February.