YS Sharmila Apologises To HijrasYS Sharmila is finding herself in new controversies everyday in Telangana. She was recently under the pump for saying Telangana is replicating Taliban conditions.

Now, she has angered the transgender community with her provocative comments on BRS MLA Shankar Naik as she called him a “Kojja”(Hijra) on stage.

Sharmila’s comments hit the wrong chords with the Hijra community and they’ve been protesting against her for the last couple of days. A Hijra association even vowed to obstruct Sharmila’s Padayatra if she doesn’t apologise immediately.

Cut to now, Sharmila has finally apologised to the Hijra community.

“If my comments hurt the feelings of the Hijra community, then I extend my sincere apologies to them. My intention was never to hurt their sentiments” Sharmila said.

Sharmila has been making wildly provocative comments on BRS leaders for a while now and this is in turn landing her in deep trouble. But she is still continuing in the same lane.