YS Jagan - YS SharmilaYS Sharmila in a media interaction the other day dropped enough hints about differences with her brother, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. She went on say one should ask Jagan himself about why the AP Chief Minister did not give an post to her even though she did extensive padayatra for her brother when in jail.

When asked if there are differences or differences in opinion between her and her brother, she minced no words in saying she does not know. Spicing up things, she even went on to say the government and Opposition are equally good in Andhra Pradesh. Sharmila further added that she has the support of her mother, Vijayamma implies that she is on right side and her brother is actually wrong.

This media chitchat of Sharmila has become a talking point in the political circles. “There are two angles in this. Either there are differences for real or she is saying all this intentionally so as to give a feeling to the people that she is no longer in terms with the AP CM and will fight with him if needed for the interests of Telangana,” political experts say.

Things will spice up further if Jagan will start talking as well. It may help Sharmila set aside the pro-Andhra image but may be counter-productive for Jagan. Probably that is the reason why Jagan is silent.