YS Jagan MudragadaMudragada Padmanabham is past his prime once he stopped Kapu activism immediately after the government changed.

As if to remind everyone about his existence, he keeps writing soft letters to Jagan every now and then.

A couple of days ago, he wrote a letter to Jagan asking for a 5% quota for the Kapu community in the EWS reservation.

By not mentioning Chandrababu who brought an Act to get the quota, Mudragada exposed himself.

And then, today, he wrote another letter. This time he is championing the cause of Dalits giving several ideas for their upliftment.

Mudragada, better realizes that Jagan forgot him the day the votes were cast in the 2019 elections. Mudragada finished the assignment Jagan wanted him to. No one cares about him now.

He better stop writing letters as if Jagan is taking Notes as soon as Mudragada releases his letters.