Jagan_RGV_MoviesReports suggest that a secret meeting happened between Ram Gopal Varma and AP CM YS Jagan. It is being said YS Jagan has asked RGV to make a full-length movie that will defame and tarnish Pawan Kalyan’s image among the public which will pave Jagan’s path toward victory in the 2024 elections.

But Jagan must realize that he is only wasting his and the public’s money by funding such a project. RGV made films like Lakshmi’s NTR and Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu to degrade Chandra Babu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan in 2019. Jagan might be under the illusion that these films helped him to win the 2019 elections.

But the reality is that he won because there was a wave in his favor during that time and these films got undue credit for helping him win the elections. These films made little or no impact on the voters’ minds.

If YS Jagan thinks that if he resorts to similar gimmicks of making derogatory films on Pawan Kalyan and TDP would help him again in the 2024 elections, then he is terribly wrong.

If he finances such projects, it will only bring more sympathy, especially to Pawan Kalyan. The public has become much more woke and aware now and will not fall into such silly tricks. They understand the intention behind making such propaganda films.

RGV is a spent force now and no one takes him or his films seriously anymore. No one gives him any attention beyond Twitter and some YouTube channels. So Jagan’s decision of making a film under RGV’s direction will surely turn out to be a blunder.

YSR Congress ministers and party workers always maintain that Pawan Kalyan does not matter to them politically but if Jagan is making a full feature film to defame PK, then it can be said that YSRCP’s fear about Pawan Kalyan is real.